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exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018

Aquaponic system is an alternative sustainability method formed by combining aquaculture and hydroponic system. 

Plants, fish and benign bacteria live in a symbiotic circle in the aquaponic systems. The plants’ need for fertilizer is met by the water in the fish tank. Naturally colonized bacteria turns fish sewage into a nutrition which can be absorbed by the plants. The water is filtered by the plants as they absorb it, returning water back into the tank again in a clean condition that enables fish to live. In that way, life circle is complete and continues. 

Although plastic is a recyclable material, it is very rarely recyclable and damages nature. In the work, the audience contributes to the production by being participants. In this living structure, the procedure is possible with everyone’s participation. There is a symbiotic relationship between edible plants, fish, and humans.

Project by

Ayşe Hilal Ateş