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exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018

Fluctuations is a light installation based on visual perception and illusion. It represents the dynamic and random emergence of reality in the constantly changing universe by the temporary pattern fluctuations and focuses on the humans’ relation with uncertainty. In a universe whereby order causes more disorder, it is questioned if human creates more uncertainty as a result of its efforts to get rid of uncertainty through knowing, controlling and predicting. An area for visual illusion is unfolded by the overlapping of real and virtual images on the fabric surface. The viewer interacts with the work through the areas that become clear or blurred on the fabric surface. An environment for the experience that temporally and spatially immerses and captivates the viewer is produced through the sense of “being inside the image” arising from this illusory interaction. Thus moments of subjectivity that depend on one’s experience is created.

Fluctuations 2
Project by

Damla Yücebaş

#textile #printing