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Kinestetic Painting

exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018

When we look at the human anatomy biochemically, thanks to our electric currents; we think, we learn, we command our muscles, we feel. The synaptic connections of neurons in the brain perform this task in a personal way. Chakra is our electromagnetic field, a spiritual and parapsychological concept. According to the philosophy of yoga, I approach the chakras, which are 7 energy centers in the human body, in the frame of color and sound. The color of the light is a chakra color indicator of which region in the body will be performed. Playing at a certain frequency corresponding to the wavelength of each color, music was used as a reinforcing external factor to read the physical-etheric-sensory layers of the body. In which color or colors will the body take on the aura due to the light and sound it contains, as a result of internal and external factors? To make these colors visible, I created a motion composition of asanas for 7 types of chakras for each color and note. Dance is the main kinesthetic material for the formation of all energy fields. The technique used to see these energy fields is a software with a reader biosensor interface in which the body’s heat energy changes can be observed. It transferred all data to computer environment with advanced Kirlian photography method.

Kinestetic Painting 2
Project by

Nezihe Karakaya

#performingarts #aura