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Triangle of Life

exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018

Triangle of life offers a space to the viewers/listeners for questioning various aspects of life. Structure of the space is based on the triangle symbol and its’ relations with life. The electromechanical and audio installation in this space is considered as a tool that could be a part of the idea chain in the questioning sequence, instead of giving a direct meaning. 3 channel audio and 3 installation concepts refers to past, present and future; while the interior dynamics of the audio work aims to increase the feeling of isolation from the outside world, for a deeper level of interaction with the viewer/listener. The balance of the low, mid and high frequency audio phrases is a symbolic complement to the concept of the space. 3 biologic installation in various life forms, is another reference to the dynamics of individuals’ in space-time dynamics.

Triangle Of Life 1
Project by

Ersin Öztürk

#engineer #music