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İrem Buğdaycı

#robotics #light

Irem Bugdaycı is an Interactive Media Artist and Architectural Designer based in London. Her current practice and research focuses on ways in which visual technologies and “vision machines” reconfigure the observer in relation to space – negotiating the affective, situated and bodily underpinnings of perception. 

Working at the intersection of art, architecture and technology she is passionate about creating non-trivial “vision machines” that challenge our constructed realities and the repressive consequences of the burgeoning visual ecology of screens. Her recent works have been exhibited at the Barbican Centre, Ars Electronica, Ugly Duck, and Istanbul Airport among other places. She joined the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett, University College of London in 2018, where she specialized in robotics and eye tracking technologies. Coming from a multidisciplinary background, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours (cum laude) in Art History and Architectural Studies from Tufts University in Boston. Prior to joining the lab, Irem worked as an architectural designer and also has experience assisting in curatorial processes in various art institutions.