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Grotesque Series – I

exhibited in:
bang. Prix 2017, o+oma+a, smartcon

As in postmodern philosophy, postmodernism, and Baudrillard’s theory of simulation, famed for his work on post-reality: there is now a transactional reality. In fact, what we call reality is not real, because it lacks a dream that surrounds it. We have entered into a simulation age with this blood showing that we have no relation with a true perspective. For this reason, audiovisual and plastic arts are evolving in accordance with the turn we live in, questioning the reality of the art, and heading towards new media. In this project, which is carried out with the idea of bringing a new dimension to the arts evolving into these fields, it is desired that the audience be confronted with a hybrid reality by opposing strange and rational system.

Project by

Özgür Ballı

#academician #sculpture