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İçlek Sanat

exhibited in:
bang. Prix 2017, o+oma+a, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week 2017

Everything that has an outside also has an inside. It is hard to figure out what is inside from the outside, what is outside from the inside. The artist examines the relations and situations between interior and exterior and tries to reinstate them in the creations. Sometimes the interior becomes united with the exterior, sometimes they differentiate and other times they break off. The circular process of change that is created by the flow of inside to outside, outside to inside establishes the main motivation of the creations. The artist repeats this motivation using the trace of change of this circular process and with every repetition the new creation diversifies by transforming into a new situation and the life flows through the thin layer between the interior and the exterior. As the viewer examines the artwork of Wormholes, he sees the field created on the reality of the physical world with the naked eye, only experiences the exterior reality. When he uses VR / AR glasses, he sees virtual reality experience based on the same work. Thus, he has the opportunity to experience internal and external relations of the work.

Iclek Sanat
Project by

Oğuz Emre Bal