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Largo – II

exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018

Largo – II tries to reinterpret itself (the radio) and all similar technologies after a historical study of all its meanings. It absorbs the samples chosen by the radio from its own history in the context of design, music, culture and sociology and reflects these examples on its own. It refers to the closed boxes of wireless systems, their accessibility, authority, music and liberation with music. It transfers what it has to say about design and accessibility through his form, technology and materials. In history, it goes back to the years when radio, an important part of mass communication, was used as an instrument of authority, discussing the effects of the object and content pair on human, even society. In doing so, it offers a new perspective to the audience with the visual needs and texts applied on the radio’s working needs and the shell. It creates its own discourse about freedom that it produces outside of its control and that it is open to play and change.

Largo II
Project by

Selin Karcı

#industrialdesign #radio