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Why Does a Person Show Aggression?

exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018, Bilsart

Violence, from history to today, is one of the most dramatic, traumatic incident that is exposed to humankind, especially children. The fundamental issue of my work is the violence exposed to human body and soul. 

Traumatic experiences of my childhood induced my confrontation with violence and caused me to take situations into my own hands. I am aiming for the audience to observe and experience the destruction of violence; by creating a new expression area with the use of violence tools/objects and sounds at the very moment of hitting.

“Why does a person show aggression?” is constructed based on the destruction caused by violence through the sound and images that are the outcomes of researching the sound pressure/sound power that was collected during the process of trailing the residue of violence through objects that turn out to be violence tools.

Why Does a Person Shows Aggression 2
Project by

Hale Arslan

#leftbrain #violence #visualization