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Manifold I.I.

find the manifold in the exhibition

M. 1. 1. can/not
Manifold is an allegory
M.1.1. Not found, it does not mean it cannot be found
M.1.1. Found, it does not mean that it cannot be lost
M.1.1. Incomplete facts cannot interfere with the formation of the manifold
M.1.1 There are an infinite number of objects across the world, objects form the manifold by creating bonds
M1.1. It is a bridge and bonding structure, but creates gaps It is a structure forming bridge and bonding and also creating the gaps
M.1.2 Roots between the viewer leave marks in the exhibition space
M.1.3 Thoughts are expressed primarily
M.1.4 It bonds by walking at the moments when the language is insufficient
M.1.1 walking…
M.2.0 To desire, want it, reach out the reailty
M.2.1 variety, diversity, diverse
M.2.2 to exist
M.1.1 Proceed immediately if manifold is not found
M.3.0. The presentation of the sound is shape as an assumption, not in real form over the tone
M.3.1. The sound makes the fiction through empathy
M.3.2. Movement is addressed both based on form and content
M.1.1 Manifold enables movement
M.1.1. Motion is dispersed from the manifold
M.3.3. Can unconditional actions create an experience?
M.3.4. If there is a condition, then there is a conditional situation.
M.1.1. Manifold is not found.
M.4.0. Root of ensuring empathy and communication in the digital era
M.1.1 Manifold is found
M.4.1. Manifold is the relation that the color forms with the harmony and other objects
M.4.2. Manifold is the potential normal and probably the anomaly
M.1.1 And vice versa


Esra Özkan