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Banu Çarmıklı

Art Collector, Art Writer

Born in Istanbul in 1965, after her education at Richmond University in England she attended the Art History seminars from Sotheby’s in London and Yalçın Sadak’s in Istanbul between 1982-1987. Deeply interested in art since 1988, she defines her basic motivation as being a witness to the creation adventure of an art work and trying to find traces of the artist’s ideas and talents in addition to being just an audience. She took her knowledge of her existing art collection to a further level with the trainings she received, and established her personal blog “Gezdim, Gördüm, Yazdım” in 2011 with the desire to share experience as an art collector with art lovers. In 2018, she published a book titled “Gezdim, Gördüm, Yazdım” bearing the same name as her blog and shared a compilation of her articles with the reader.

Banu Çarmıklı’s articles are published in weekly and monthly columns at Vatan Newspaper, Milliyet Newspaper and Milliyet Art Magazine, is present in online art portals as well as her regularly updated blog.