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Design Thinking Project Ideation Report: Global Mobility of Artist at Digital Art Field

Jan 23, 2020

About the Report

Different stakeholders from 22 countries playing an active role in the digital art field participated in research and insight definition stage. The first ideation workshop of the design thinking project aimed at “increasing global mobility of artists in the digital art field” was organized at Istanbul Akbank Sanat. Artists, curators, academicians, engineers and executives of the art foundations working in this field took part in the workshop. Research results and insights were analyzed utilizing Empathy Mapping, Mind Mapping and Affinity Mapping techniques at the ideation workshop together with the participants. Then, creative ideas were generated in a way to affect global movement of the artists as well as communication and interaction between stakeholders positively with the Brain Dump technique on the basis of insights. The second part of the ideation workshop will be held in London in April. All ideas generated at the workshops will be published on our website.

Global Mobility Ideation 01

Online consulting platform – “Odin”

An online peer to peer (P2P) platform where artists can introduce themselves, access technical and other information that they need about artwork creation and exhibition. It will also include other communication channels such as open call applications.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 02


Hackathons that are organized in the technology field can also be organized in the new media field.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 03

Workshop to share current technological means

Organizing trainings sessions and workshops about commonly used technologies in the digital art creation

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 04

Making digital arts visible in the public sphere

Exhibition of the artworks in the public sphere, gathering artists together with the public through municipalities

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 05

Organizing mobile exhibitions

Organizing mobile exhibitions in the concept of a digital art truck that will move around the public sphere by land and meet with the public .

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 06

An artistic consultant to mention about artists by using artificial intelligence

Developing a chatbot that will mention about the artworks of the artists, introduce them and act as an art manager in a way.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 07

Process Map

A platform where artists share their technical mistakes, experiences and best practices as part of the creation process.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 08

Collaboration with makerspaces

Expanding communication network by coming together with makerspaces at the events with the digital artists.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 09

Ready Made Artwork Platform

Including the artworks of the artists that they created at a certain period in a digital platform, and providing curators, gallery owners and collectors with the access to these works from a single platform.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 10

Funding Platform

Forming a committee to allow artists organize exhibits abroad, and establishing a connection between artists and committee regarding funding matters.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 11

Information Platform

A modular news-information platform where young artists or other stakeholders (academicians, curators, artists, etc.) can introduce themselves and their projects, where entities can give ads, and art events (such as conferences, biennials, and auctions) can be shared.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 12

Conceptual and academic theory education

Establishing connection between academia and artists in order to ensure new concepts are included in the creation processes of the artists and to cover the need for resource information.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 13

A single common platform

Including all information such as open calls, applications, residency programs under a single platform.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 14

Platform for knowledge sharing and cooperation between artists

A platform in the forum or social media channel format with its own moderation, without spam or ad content, where only individuals delivering works in the digital art field can share their experiences, and where the questions are instantly answered.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 15

Mini artist residency program between artists

Program for artists to exchange and share their workshops or living spaces with artists in other countries.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 16

Support for AR and VR software

Supporting artists to offer the artwork to the audience with a decent technology in the virtual exhibition processes and online platforms.

Global Mobility Ideation Graphics 17

Sharing information about experienced artists who deliver works in the digital art field via an online platform such as YouTube

Workshop Participants

  • Arek Qadrra
  • Asli Kaya
  • Can Berkay Turhan
  • Derya Bigali
  • Ecem Kara
  • Ekmel Ertan
  • Emre Bayar
  • Emre Sahin
  • Emrecan Agtas
  • Engin Arer
  • Gulbahar Coskun
  • Hande Yazici
  • Inanc Civaz
  • Ipek Yeginsu
  • Kerim Dundar
  • Merve Midilli
  • Ozge Cokgezen
  • Taskin Esin