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Auditory Space

exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018

The auditory space project aims to divide time into certain slices through sequential sound recordings and to mark the physicality that defines the space while keeping the audio recording of the space. While presenting the auditory memory-body of the space in the gallery, it encourages and even obliges the viewer to be included in this memory-body as part of the space. The working principle of the installation is based on the device taking a 30-second voice recording and playing it in sequence. Initially, the device will take the 30-second sound recording of the place and start to play the recording it receives when the recording is finished, while the active microphone will continue to record the recording that the device is playing, with the current ambient sound. This cycle of 30 seconds of audio recording of the venue will automatically continue throughout the exhibition.

Auditory Space
Project by

Umut Reyhanlı