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exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018

Robots are known as devices created by humans and made available for human use, but today this situation is changing. The ability of the robots to learn and find inferences from what they have learned has enabled them to evolve as independent entities that can make their own decisions. On the basis of the project, there is an irony between the robot that we are guided and the audience that a robot arm is going to lead independently. The robot has an arm that moving forward, backward, right and left to direct people according to the camera focus and will take the photo. When you arrive at this point, it is expected to perform a posture that is chosen by the robot for you. Exposures captured by the robot during the exhibition will be tagged and automatically merged through these tags to create and display a new photo every day.

Enstan-tane 1
Project by

Sinan Kolip

#architect #sculpture
Project by

Engin Kaya

#engineering #machinelearning