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exhibited in: bang. Prix 2019

The installation is inspired from ancient Icelandic word Innsaei which can mean “the sea within” that is the borderless nature of our world, constantly moving vision and feelings beyond words. Innsaei also mean to see from the inside out, to navigate our way in our changing world. 

Interaction between people is a kind of action that occurs when people exchange ideas and feelings. In this sense, Innsaei -like people- tries to interact with the viewer through ultrasonic sensor. When the viewer gets closer to the installation, the sensor under the plate reads the distance and sends an input value to Ardunio. Based on the input value, magnets that are connected to motors move and produce magnetic field thus creating changing organic shapes. These shapes represent a reflector of our unconscious mind. Magical forms of the magnetic fluid try to question if we can comprehend a chaotic fluid’s behaviour intuitively.

bang prix Innsaei 3
Project by

Ece Nur Keskin