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Invisible Bonds

exhibited in: bang. Prix 2019

There are many bonds that we cannot make physical contact with. Some we inherit, some occur coincidentally and some we obtain consciously. Even though there is no concrete contact with a string or wire, we can feel and make sense of such bonds. The Invisible Bonds, as a spatial and sonic experience, emphasises our relation to these bonds and how we can react to them. It wants to draw attention to how the ties vibrate, grow or fade, as well as bringing joy, grief, peace and discomfort.

Invisible Bonds is a multi-channel sound instrument that can be played by hand or with limb movements. Interaction is initiated by placing one hand on the cylindrical unit located in the middle of the installation area. This interaction is captured by the Leap Motion sensor inside the cylindrical unit. Different finger and hand gestures control different sounds and associated sound parameters. The information captured by the sensor triggers different sounds and sound effects within Ableton via Max for Live. The sounds are divided into 4 different audio channels and played on 4 separate near-field speakers. The person should stand in the middle of the speakers (sweet spot) to get the full sonic and spatial experience.

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Project by

Emrecan Ağtaş

#sounddesign #music