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Sensory Vortex

exhibited in: bang. Prix 2018

Sensory Vortex aims to stack people’s physical actions in a virtual environment via textile objects. The project mainly focuses on textile materials. 

Textiles have always existed with the body of human beings from birth to death (shroud) and became part of it. Sensory Vortex, produced by utilizing technology, aims to add a quality to this textile material.

This textile object made of tulle fabric has white LED lights in its inner compartments and is dressed on a proofing mannequin. This object is in constant communication with the outside world / audience. Kinetic sensors are located inside this object and everything is connected to the computer.

As the audience approaches the artwork, the sensors act and the led lights inside it begin to change color. This Sensory Vortex detects the viewer’s presence and collects information indicating that it is ‘there’ at that moment. This project is based on relationality and interactivity and acts as a kind of bridge between the real world and the virtual world.

Code traces, which are in continuous accumulation, are in a flow in the computer. It provides visitors the opportunity to both experience and observe the action of being isolated.

Sensory Vortex 2

A constant accumulation of code flows on the computer.

Project by

Mert Bayraktar

#textile #wearabletechnology