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The Medium is The Message

Why Does a Person Shows Aggression?

“The Medium is the Message” was presented to the audience as a slogan with the alphabet ‘Gestuno’, the only international sign language. According to McLuhan, a medium shapes and reshapes our perception; the real content of the medium is itself. The medium is a human extension and this extension covers everything that comes to mind. He explains that, with the developing technology in the world, the medium is a vehicle that gives a kind of message to people apart from the messages conveyed by communication tools. It tells us that we need to look at the form instead of content. In ‘The Medium is the Message’, the content of the message is created in sign language and the channel of the message is neon light. The content of the message is presented to the audience, and the communication model made with the language turns into a visual communication model.

The Medium Is The Message 2
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Hamza Kırbaş

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