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exhibited in: bang. Prix 2019

“Could Shakespeare have listened to Verdi?“

Many people who are interested in history are concerned with the dates of birth / death years of famous figures in history and their known works. But how many of us are aware of the relationship between all these dates? How many of us can portray history as a whole? How many of us are aware that “Vivaldi and Bach lived in the same time period” or “Shakespare was born in the year that Michelangelo died”? “Timeline” is also an interactive installation with the user, where the birth / death dates of famous people in history and the most important affairs of these names are visually displayed in the relationship, interaction, intersection and connection with other names and jobs. “Timeline” questions how information should be synthesized and visualized to transform written information and numbers into images using algorithmic modeling tools. The production process continues with the collection of existing data and visualization with three-dimensional modeling tools. Dates are processed parametrically to create visual geometries and the result creates the data visualization product.

In the practice of installation; In addition to the fixed image presented, the user reaches the interface where the fixed image can change and personalize the projection of the projector in order to experience the installation and read the image better.

bang prix Timeline 2
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Nazlı Kök & Semih Ünaldı

#parametricdesign #visualization