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The open call welcomed applications from all over Turkey and engaged with a jury of diverse backgrounds and expertise to select the participants for the 2019 program. The program consisted of mentorship support and an exhibition at Studio-X Istanbul.

Application Period
Oct 25, 2018—Dec 28, 2018
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A series of workshops, panel discussions and talks were enacted under the title Digital Dynamics.

Digital Dynamics


The role of the Participant at Interactive Arts
Betül Aksu

Introduction to Technology: Mini “tech”s
Rabia Yorgancı Kındıroğlu


Digital Utopias + Game Technologies
Asst. Prof. Elif Sürer, Hakan Yılmaz

Artificial Intelligence + Ethics
Dr. Cansu Canca, Mehmet Ünal, Att. Setin Çetin

Bio Art + Biotechnologies
Arda Deniz Dokuzoğlu, Prof. Dr. Ata Akın, Elif Esen


Introduction to the Electronics: Arduino Workshop
Ziya Bahtiyar

Visual Media and Sound: Sound Design Workshop
Gökalp Kanatsız

Computer Vision with Deep Learning Workshop
Ahmet Alp Kındıroğlu

Creative Coding: Processing Workshop
Mehmet Berk Bostancı