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Merve Güzel

#architect #nonplaces

Merve Güzel graduated in 2013 from Istanbul Technical University and École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble where she studied architecture. Within the scope of her thesis titled ‘Hallucination Spaces: Architecture In-Between Virtual and Actual’ that she completed in 2015, she studied the perception of reality and the creation process of the mind; she investigated the potentials of hallucination as a becoming in-between virtual and actual for architecture, and suggested hallucination architecture which is in the becoming in-between  virtual and actual, materiality and immateriality, form and formless, place and nonplace. She continues her studies by trying experiments on the potentials of new media and other technological developments on architecture, and by the motivation of being in hallucination she extends her studies on space and the city on different scales.