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Space Hackers

exhibited in: bang. Prix 2017

Space Hackers is an interface design where all citizens can be involved with a ‘space hacker’ identity to transform the closed areas of the city to accessible open space. Space Hackers aims to create temporary open public spaces on closed spaces of the city by spatial interactive events known as ‘hack’. Hack means to transform actual function of anything to something new. In other words, an existing space is used in a way not previously used for a while by somebody who haven’t used it before. User interactive events that use new media as tool is design to make possible that. Spaces in which physical and virtual space momentarily intertwine with each other are created. Space Hackers as the user of interface can pin any location on the map as a potential hack space, participate in any hack project design process, take notification of any hack event which occurred on that moment and also discover videos of hack events which had already happened on pinned locations. The ‘Space Hackers’ network works as a platform where any individual can say his word about the city and open it to other people’s reactions. The work predicts that dynamic cities will take the form of fluidity and change at any moment. As a result, there are more democratic cities where every individual can speak on it.

Project by

Oğuz Emre Bal

Project by

Merve Güzel

#architect #nonplaces